[Mensis Mirabilis] – Week 3 Update

It’s Week 3 and I’m still losing (winning).

Physical Difference

Week 3 Weight And Circ

As you can see from the above chart, any attempts to accelerate my weight loss, either by eating less or exercising more, were in vain because I seem to be losing weight at the exact same rate as when I started. It’s actually quite unexpected how straight that line is. I feel I can accurately predict that next weeks average weight will be 166 lbs.  Though not to the same extent, a similar claim can be made for my waist circumference which has been steadily declining as well. This week I upped my calorie output by playing basketball for 2 hours straight (basically until I was fully exhausted and couldn’t move my legs). I added a marker on the graph (light gray vertical line) to indicate when I played during the week and you can see, for both this week and last, the lowest weight recorded in that period did not occur right after the workout (on the line) but actually the morning after. In other words, not only did I lose a pound in water/sweat while playing basketball, I also lost an additional pound the night of, while sleeping. Also, in both cases whatever weight I lost all came back in the next couple days as if the exercise made no difference. Very interesting indeed but I’ll save the discussion of this for my final post.

Blood Measurements

Week 3 BS and Ketones

As you can see, after this week’s ball game my blood sugar dropped to it’s lowest recorded value so far, 3.4 mmol/l, which is well into hypoglycemic territory. Surprisingly, despite my net calories being negative, a minor headache and an inability to focus, I didn’t have any cravings or appetite what so ever. This could be a good thing, as in, my body needed some fuel and looked to my fat stores or protein stores for energy instead of sending an “EAT NOW” signal to my brain. Perhaps this is because my body assumes food is scarce right now but because I’m not eating a lot and just skips over the hunger signaling process and goes for the storage silos instead.

Macro Breakdown

Week 3 Macros

As mentioned before, I actually went into negative net calories after my basketball game. The next day I was so hungry and had so many cravings that I ate way more than normal and skyrocketed my calorie intake. This coincides with previous experiments I’ve done noting that the body actually works to maintain a 2-day average calorie value. If you eat a lot one day you wont feel so hungry the next and vice versa.

Money Spent

Week 3 Cost

Total money spent on groceries this week: $42.23

In previous cost analyses I forgot to account for the tablespoon of MCT oil I have every morning which is actually fairly expensive. I tried two methods of making crispy wings this week and they both kinda sucked, were time consuming, and relatively expensive. Next week I’ll try a generic casserole and see if the good ol’ bulk cooking method will bring the costs down. Although, I can’t really complain. This is still way cheaper than my usual expenses.

Goals for Week 4

This week I’m going to pretty much mimic Week 3 to see if the results are accelerating or not. Also, I’m going to try to be less experimental in the kitchen. On Thursday I tried making crispy wings with homemade buffalo sauce. This involved coating them in baking powder and baking soda and leaving them in the fridge overnight. When cooked the next day they were admittedly crispy out of the oven but once reheated for subsequent meals they were soggy and gross. It also didn’t help that my homemade sauce was really runny and didn’t stick. I need to give up attempts to make low carb crunchy things unless I’m willing to cook every day. Making something crunchy is one thing but making it stay crunchy is a whole different ball game. That’s why this week I’m going to make this casserole dish which looks delicious, easy to make and long-lasting. It also seems to have a pretty good fat/protein ratio so it’ll be interesting to see if it makes a difference in my energy levels this week.

Next week is the last week. On Sunday, in addition to taking my final measurements I’m also going to do the exact full body workout I did when I started to see how much muscle I’ve lost. Then the diet will be over and I will feast. See you all next week.


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