[Mensis Mirabilis] – Depletion Day

Oh… oh God I’m so sore…

After not going to the gym in 3 months I tried to force myself into ketosis as fast as possible yesterday by doing a full body workout as follows:

  • Deadlift: 5×5 @ 135lbs
  •  Row: 3×8 @ 120lb + 1×8 @100lb + 1×8 @80lb
  • Bench Machine: 3×8 @ number 10
  • Seated Leg Press: 3×8 @ number 16
  • Calf Raises on leg press machine: 3×8 @ number 10
  • Tricep Pull Downs: 3×8 @number 10 + 1×8 @ number 8 + 1×8 @ number 6

(I’m not sure if the numbers on the machines refer to 10’s of lbs or Kgs so I just noted down the number of the plate)

Rest time between sets: 2 min
Total time at the gym: 1hr 15 min

The problem is, it didn’t quite work.

Today, upon waking, I completed a 24 hour fast and surprisingly I wasn’t hungry. Even more surprising, my blood sugar was 5.8 mmol/L and blood ketones were at 0.1 mmol/L. For reference, this is on the high end of normal blood sugar levels and the very very low end of blood ketone levels for someone who fasted for a day and had a full workout. According to the leading experts in ketogenic diets, Jeff Volek and Stephen Phinney, nutritional ketosis officially starts at 0.5 mmol/l, meaning I’m not even close.

When I took another set of measurements after my evening nap my ketones were only 0.3 and my blood glucose was at 6.2! It could be due to a couple things: 1. I noticed my test strips actually expired last month but a glucose strip company would be crazy not to put a significant safety factor on test strip so it’s probably is more to do with 2. Something like the dawn phenomenon is occurring after the nap. I know this effect occurs upon waking, and I have a feeling it has to do with muscle wasting via GNG, but it’s interesting that it happens after a nap as well. I’ll try to measure blood glucose before and after my nap tomorrow to see if there’s a difference.

Additionally, I’m already down four pounds since Saturday but this is probably either due to the initial drop in water weight, a common effect on low carb diets, or more probably my body still returning to baseline after my holiday binge. It should be interesting to see if the decline tapers off tomorrow morning and by how much.


Additional stuff:

Electrolyte Gripes

I always thought that creme of tartar was the holy grail of low-key potassium supplements, and I was prepared to take a shot of it, but then I discovered a salt substitute called No Salt actually has 5 times more potassium. This means I have to take a 5 times less disgusting drink to get my daily potassium needs. I could also add it to my cooking but I don’t want to skimp on sodium which is also very important on this diet. Now I just need to find out where to buy it.

Magnesium is a whole different ball game. I know in my intro post I said all I need is a handful of flax seeds to meet my daily requirements but really it’s more like 100g. The thing with flax seeds is you have to grind them up to be able to digest them and when you do that it’s volume increases and now that 100g is actually 7 heaping tablespoons! And so it looked I was eating a flower pot for dinner.


And tasted like it too.

For the sake of sanity I’ll need to find another way to get my magnesium, and though I’ll be missing out on the fiber, I think a supplement is a better idea.


My Lunch This Week

I cooked two steaks in coconut oil and cut them up into 8 pieces. Hopefully this should hold me over for lunch until next Sunday when I’ll make something new. Maybe I’ll pick something from here and do a little review. This no-dough, cheese crust pizza doesn’t look too complicated. I think I’ll make that next week.



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