[Pigging Out] – Day 4 Recap


Camera 360


Morning Weigh In:

  • Weight: 154 lb
  • Waist:  96 cm

Intake Stats:

  • Total strips eaten: 14
  • Macro breakdown (g):
    • F = 116g
    • C = 9g
    • P = 63g
  • Macro breakdown (%):
    • F = 78%
    • C = 3%
    • P = 19%
  • Total calories digested (kcal): 1332
  • Total weight of digested calories:188g

Day Summary:

  • 6:30 am – woke up
  • 8:00 am – had coffee
  • 10:45 am – ate 3 crispy strips
  • 11:00 am – ate 5 homestyle strips
  • 12:30 pm – Ketostix value: 80mg/dl
  • 3:00 pm – had Athletic Greens shake with 1 tsbp MCT oil
  • 9:00 pm – had 3 crispy (homestyle) strips and 4 homestyle strips


Well this is awkward…. In my previous post I almost boasted that I would hit my target weight loss goal by the end of the week and now I seemed to have plateaued. This is extremely surprising considering, 1: my weight after my workout yesterday was 153 lb and 2: my ketone production is off the charts! And by off the charts I mean if it continues like this I won’t be able to measure it anymore. Gadzooks, what happened? Could it be that I have started my muscle building process instantly? Muscle is 73% water so the extra weight could just be some extra water retention. I’m really curious what my weight will be tomorrow.

Some quick calculations on the ketone numbers: The Ketostix measured my ketone numbers to be 80mg/dl. Given that the average male excretes 300ml of urine, this would mean that for every piss I take, I am excreting 24g of fat (or fat conversion waste products). At this rate it would take me around 19 pisses to lose a pound. You should keep in mind, however, that the ketostix only measure one type of ketone and that ketones also exit by breath and sweat so really this number should be much less.

I ran out of bacon so I went out to get some more. The last time, I went to Metro and got a pretty slick deal (15 strips for 3.50$). For some reason I thought The Superstore would get me a better deal. Boy, was I wrong. Everything was so damn expensive so instead I settled for the best deal I could find: 20 “homestyle” strips for 10$. It was at least twice as thick as the other slice I bought and contained 1 carbs each but everything was so expensive so I just went for it. I had to do my grease run-off calculations again because these had more fat than the others. For my dinner meal I tried to change things up by adding all sorts of spices. Unfortunately, I lost track of time and returned to 10 pitch black strips. I salvaged 3 and made the remaining packaged 4 strips in the microwave. So basically for dinner I had 3 burnt strips and 4 regular strips… and now I’m out of bacon again. This is why my cal count for the day is so low. Never again, Superstore! Tomorrow I’m going to do it right. Tomorrow I’m going to Costco.


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